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Oct 04, 2013 at 06:33 AM

Travel Advance not to be posted but travel expenses should


Hi All,

My client has a scenario that he wants that the travel advance should be only for documentory purposes and does not want to post the amounts. I made the changes in table V_T702N_A and it is working fine. While running tcode PRFI it is showing that no postable amounts are there.

Now when the employee comes back from trip and claim's travel expenses against the same trip number. When we try to post the expenses, the system is giving the same error that no postable amounts.

e.g. Employee "234" creates a trip request (Number 34) through ESS with advance request of 2000, the request gets approved by the Manager and the finance person settles the trip through PR05 and when the finance person executes PRFI, it shows "No postable amount" which is correct.

Employee comes back and claims travel expenses for 8000 against the same trip number i.e. 34. The expense gets approved by the Manager and FI person settles the trip through PR05. When the finance person tries to post the amount through PRFI, it shows "No postable amount".

I am confused as how to handle this scenario.

Thanks in advance.