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Oct 04, 2013 at 04:51 AM

Storage Bin Type


Dear WM,

I would like to make use of "storage Bin Type" to group my warehouse bin to differentiate its stock from which region in the country it is serving to.
My stock placement strategy and stock removal strategy is using the Fix Storage (i.e. wherever the material place in, it will be pick up from that bin, and also put back into the same bin during placement), hence it is very simple.

In the meantime, I recognize that there is some implication to activate this feature and those concern should not be ignore as it will punish the business system operation later on when executing the placement and removal.

Can you please let me know:

  1. In order to use this feature, does the Storage Type need to be setup as Storage Unit Type (i.e. activate this storage unit type)?
  2. Do I need to config the "Activate storage bin type Search" in the SPRO given that in this path, there are two assignment table, namely, one to assign the Storage Unit Type to Storage type, and another is to assign Storage Unit type to Storage Bin type.
  3. If I activate this storage bin type, does it create extra job for business during system execution like during transfer order creation?
  4. Does it means when I use this storage bin type to group my bin and later activate the storage bin type search, System will not allow the storage type to use the "Fix storage" strategy for both putaway and removal? which mean I need to use pallet strategy (FYI, overkill for our operation)?

Hope you can provide a clue if you have this area of experience.