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Oct 03, 2013 at 07:02 PM

Processing a scrap from an outside processor


Please help,

We have a problem with how we process scrapped items from outside processors. Currently we've been handling an outside processor scrapping our part by 1) lowering the actual quantity of the OP production order by however many items that the processor has scrapped and 2) lowering the purchase order quantity placed to pay for the outside processing by the quantity scrapped. We've recently been told by our parent company to account of outside processing scraps. So when we confirm the outside processing operation of the production order through either CO19 or CO11N, we notate the quantity yield and the quantity scrapped through those transactions. We then close the order out with the scrap accounted for.

However, with this new way of keeping the quantity on the order the same and accounting for scrap, when we go to receive(MIGO) the line for the items against the purchase order it still asks to receive the full quantity. If we reduce the quantity it creates a new purchase requirement for the lowered quantity, but if we leave it and only receive the usable parts, it leaves the purchase order open.

Is there a way to account for scrap when receiving a purchase order line from an outside processor.

Also, is there a way to automate the process so that when the order operations are confirmed and the order is closed, that the accompanying purchase order has the line received against it so that receiving from outside processing purchase orders is taken care of by the outside processing order?

All help is greatly appreciated!