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Oct 03, 2013 at 06:37 PM

Mapping issue in IDOC to file Scenario(multimapping)


Dear Experts,

I have an existing IDOC to file scenario where all the target structure occurrence is 0 to 1 occurrence.

As per my customer's requirement to populate the date and quantity fields multiple times i have changed the occurrence to 0 to unbounded.

when i test my mapping i am getting date and quantity fields multiple times as expected.

Now in interface mapping there is one more XSLT mapping added (multimapping) to populate envelope to the target webservice.

When i test my interface mapping (with graphical and XSLT) i am not getting the output multiple times for date and quantity fields.

If i remove XSLT mapping added in interface mapping i am getting proper output as expected

Please suggest...

Thanks and Regards,