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Oct 03, 2013 at 10:52 AM

Mapping Issue in the target structure when same structure is repeated in source files


Dear All,

I am working in File -> SAP PI 7.3 -> ECC (Abap Proxy). XML file is kept in FTP folder and these files are picked up by File adapter. During the initial stages of mapping test, I found Cannot create target element , Values missing in queue context. Target XSD req but was solved once I used node function MapWithDefault.

Now the issue arises with the source XML files when the structure with multiple occurrence, the target structure repeats only once. I mean to say if the same structure repeats 4 times in source, the target structure shows only once with out any data. The source XML files, the Mapping definition and the mapping results are shown below.

Note : While uploading the XML files itself in the mapping test, it shows red status in the source structure. I can not change the source structure of the XML files



Sample Payload.JPG (80.6 kB)
Mapping.JPG (81.4 kB)
Mapping Test.JPG (73.0 kB)