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Oct 03, 2013 at 08:28 AM

APO Subcontracting with Source location


Hi Gurus,

I have 2 questions on SNP subcontracting process.

We use standard setup of SNP subcontracting process with Source location. As per the setup, we run herustics for the main SKU at the DC and this creates Subcon preq and also subcon plan order at the subcontracting location. It also creates dependant demand for the component at the subcontractor. When we run the heuristics at the subcontractor for the component, it will create stock transfer reservations. Till this point every thing works.

As per Sap help, it says the stock transfer reservations are transferred to R3.

If a transportation lane from the plant to the subcontractor exists, the system creates stock transfer reservations, specifying the subcontractor location as the destination, for the subcontracting components in the plant. These are transferred to SAP R/3.

1. I dont see the Stock transfer reservation getting published back to ECC. Am I missing any thing here related to CIF setup or is this standard behaviour ?

2. When the Subcontracting Preq of the Main SKU is converted to Purchase order I see the subcontracting plan order is converted to confirmed plan order. And then when the components are issued, stock is now available in subcontracting location, plan order quantity shown in product view is 0 but still the dependant demand of components exist at subcontractor. This gets only reduced with the GR of the Main components is performed. Is this correct behaviour ?

Thanks and Regards