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Oct 03, 2013 at 07:23 AM

Get Last login details of portal users using UME API


Hello Experts,

As per my requirement i need to show the last login details of portal users in the report. Currently I am using portal 7.0

I want to get last login details using UME API's without accessing data from database directly using SQL statement.

I am trying with this below code,

IUserAccount acc =UMFactory.getUserAccountFactory().getUserAccountByLogonId(logonID);

myLoc.errorT("UME1 Last Logon...."+acc.getLastSuccessfulLogonDate()+"------"+acc.getPreviousSuccessfulLogonDate());


But i am getting null value. Those methods are deprecated.

Please help me regarding this.

Thanks & Regards,

Preethi Ande