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Oct 02, 2013 at 04:17 PM

MDG Supplier activation



Im new to MDG.

i need to activate mdg supplier and customer business funtions in sfw5 tcode.

However, when i selected the mdg_erp_supplier (or) mdg_erp_supplier_2 (or) mdg_erp_supplier_3, right clicked it and i can see an option ''activate additional lanuguages''.

Not sure if this is the option that i need to select to activate the Bussiness function, but i selected it, and i can see a message as ' you can only activate BC sets of activated business funtions'

Could you please let me know how to activate the business functions for supplier and customer..i checked in google but im getting tons of documents, im not sure which one to follow, can anyone please help me in providing simple steps to activate this object!!

Please help.

Kind Regards