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Oct 02, 2013 at 02:22 PM

SP110: different logged sql



we are testing the new version of RepServer 15.7.1 sp110. The first thing i notice is that 'replicate minimal columns' is on by default. No problem, this is a basic setting i can turn off. The second problem i have i the part before the 'where'... In my 'set' part i get all the columns with the values, even though i did not update them. In previous RepServer version, only the updated fileds where in the 'set' part...

Example time. When i execute:

update contacten set con_telefoon = 'xxx' where con_id = x

in RepServer 15.7.1, this resulted in my inbound queue:

update contacten set con_telefoon = 'xxx' where con_id = x and ... (and all the other fields)

in RepServer 15.7.1 sp110, i get:

update contacten set con_id=x, ... (and all other fields) where con_id = x

So with the new RepServer; the default setting of our Warm Standby will not detect if there is a field 'not in sync'. It will simply 'autocorrect' the record, which we really don't want. We want to know if a record is not in sync any more, and want the RepServer to suspend the connection (which it did in the previous version) so we can find the problem and correct it...

I looked in the documentation but did not find anything on this (perhaps i 'overlooked' it)

Is there a way to set this behaviour the 'old' way?