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Oct 02, 2013 at 12:31 PM

gATP with shelf life


Hi Experts,

when using gATP with shelf life this is based on fixed pegging as far as I know (SCM 7.0).

Heuristic SAP_PP_019 can be used to build the necessary fixed pegging relationships.

There are three options in this heuristic:

- based on dynamic pegging

==> that's clear, here shelf life options are considered if master data are setup properly

- based on batches

- based on user-defined-settings

==> those two are based on functional module /SAPAPO/RRP_REQ_NETTING

the documentation of the functional module says that shelf life is not considered.

So does it mean we only can use the heuristic SAP_PP_019 with option 'dynamic pegging' if we want shelf life to be considered ?

Is there any detailed documentation about gATP with shelf life ?