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Oct 02, 2013 at 06:59 AM

Setting space width possible?



we changed our printers (same vendor) and got new device types (sharp). But when we use the new device types with the printer, the space width is much bigger than before.

When I create a spool job with the old device type there is the following OTF-output:

FC HELVE 080X 00073XSF100SF101410300045D X

SW 00045

I think "SW" is for space width.

With the new device type the OTF-output looks like this:

FC HELVE 080X 00091XSF100SF101410300080D X

SW 00080

As you can see, the space width is much bigger.

Is it possible to change the space width within the device type so that it uses the old space width?

Thanks in advance.