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Sep 30, 2005 at 01:50 PM

More than one document owner


Hello all,

I've got another question for you regarding EP 5, SP 5, KM 5.0. I have a user who was asking if it's possible to have more than one person receive a feedback notification in the recent notifications iview.

I understand that the person who receives this notification is listed as the owner of the document. I can change the owner of the document by going into Settings -> Properties -> Miscellaneous from the details dialog box for the document. I tried adding more than one username in the owner box by putting them in with a delimiter between them. I tried a comma and a semi-colon but neither work. I also tried creating an LDAP group with the users who I wanted to be the recipients of the feedback and put that group name in the owner box for the document, but that didn't work either.

Has anyone done this before? Any suggestions on how I can get this done?


-Stephen Spalding

Web Developer