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Oct 01, 2013 at 07:52 PM

Service Rendered Date in Credit Memo


Hi Experts,

I am creating a credit memo request in CRM with reference to Invoice document which is present in ECC. While creating the Credit memo in CRM all other condition type except tax having the pricing condition date as billing date of invoice. But tax related condition types having the pricing condition date as posting date of credit memo. The tax condition types are UTXD, UTXE, XR1 to XR6.Why it is happening like this? It should also take the billing date of invoice.

One more thing, after Credit memo replication to ECC. The service rendered date is not populated automatically in ECC credit memo. Since tax calculation in ECC is based on Service rendered date, the taxes are not calculated in ECC credit memo. Again this changes flowing to CRM and remove the tax value in CRM also.

But if I manually enter the service render date in ECC credit memo then tax is calculated based on the given service render date and also replicated to CRM successfully.


why taxes are calculated using posting date of credit memo in CRM? (It should calculate tax based on invoice's billing date)

which field in CRM credit memo is corresponding to service render date in ECC credit memo?

How to populate value of this service render date in ECC?