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Oct 01, 2013 at 04:26 PM

MIGO - completion rule



First of all I am not a MM consultant so apologies for any thing which would appear as technically wrong.

In my company for the third party orders, when we do MIGO, on several instances, the qty what we recieve is less then the sales order or on Purchase order and then they are MIGOed and invoiced.

Now when the qty suppose in sales orderr was 10 and same in PO 10 and in MIGO it is 6 the order status appears to be still open.

and similarly because the order status is still open the credit exposures of the customer is shown as false figure.

Now the requirement is as soon as we finishes the MIGO, the Order status should be completed, even if it is a partial qty.

In Sales and distribution (SD) we have the facility of completion rule with the first reference, which we can configure to say the order is completed.

But in case of MIGO how to achieve this?

Is there any standard SAP methods are there.


DO I have to shadow ABAP ?

Please let me know your thoughts.