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Oct 01, 2013 at 02:19 PM

Provider Order : Rate Plan discount charge for limited duration


Hi SAP gurus,

We have a Sales in Service Industry scenario (like telecom) where the billing is performed externally to CRM, but CRM is order entry system. We hence donot generate Billing Request Items in CRM and let the external system generate billing schedule.

In all the demos around pricing for Provider Order / Provider contract, it shows discount applied to a rate plan. This discount applies for each and every periodic Invoice through the contract period.

The question is how can I apply discount / surcharge for a limited duration / number of Invoices.

What flexibility exists in providing the option of such discounts?

Consider following business scenario for example:

The Base Rate plan costs- $10 / month for a contract duration of 12 months

If a customer signs for a contract of 24months, the company wants to give 13th and 14th month free ($0 bill) and keep the base Rate plan - $10 / month

How can the discount be applied to specifically to 13th and 14th Bills

One option is to have a line item with duration for 13th and 14th months which carries the discount factor. I am not sure if that is the right way of doing it. Also question is what flexibility woul I have to have this discount line item get determined based on Contract duration?

Thanks for your tips..