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Oct 01, 2013 at 01:08 PM

MultiSource Universe Clarification



My Question is regarding SAP BO 4.0 Information design tool, we have created MultiSource Universe and for which we have shortname e.g 'abc', while the shortname is defined, the catalog name e,g (catalog_1) is the default created and keeps changing whenever we chnage the connection

Our thinking was to keep the shortname & catalog name as one, i,e if shortname value is 'ABC', Then the catalog name has to be the same.

Question here is What's the difference/significance between the Short Name and the Catalog name? also, do we need to change the catalog name everytime we modify the connection, or do we leave it alone?

conn_first-->shortname is 'FIRST' & catalog name is 'CATALOG_1'

In a multisource-enabled data foundation, the table name as it appears in SQL expressions has the format: <@catalog(short name)."database _qualifier.database_owner".table_name.>


conn_second-->shortname is 'FIRST' & catalog name is 'CATALOG_2'

Here while configuring the connections, do we need to keep the shortname and catalog name same, ie 'FIRST' or catalog name can be different.