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Sep 30, 2005 at 12:01 PM

communicating with a 3rd party system using webservices


Hi all,

I have a scenario

3rd party <-> XI<->CRM.

here im using SOAP between 3rd party <->XI, xi<->CRM im using ABAP proxies.

scenario 1. 3rd party would send messages(client request) to cRM to get some data. CRM has to respond for that.

scenario 2. CRM would request the 3rd party to get some data, then 3rd party would respond.

scenario 3. there is no request from 3rd party but crm has to send the data.

So 3rd party would communicate using webservices sends the request to cRM. if there is any request from cRM then 3rd party have a webservice to serve.

My question is

1) for cRM side i should create a webservice? if i create this where shold i create? i mean i should put this webservice on WAS of CRM or on XI ? If i create this webservice and put on CRM WAS, could this communicate with XI by using ABAP proxies? when CRM sends a request to 3rd party, to send this i should create another webservice ?

could you please anyone tell me about this?

thanks a lot in Advance