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Oct 01, 2013 at 06:02 AM

Partially Hashed 0PAYSCALELV Key (RSDMD194)


Hello Everyone,

I was loading the attributes of 0Employee when I got an error for almost every record saying:

0PAYSCALELV: Data record (xyz): Version '99EPEP5#### ####' is not valid

Message no. RSDMD194


Data record 2. with the key '3.' is invalid in value '4.' of the attribute/characteristic 1..

As obvious from the message, the system is capable of reading the first 4 parts of the compound key but incapable of reading the Pay scale Group and level.

It should be noted that they are both written in Arabic characters yet the system doesn't seem to have a problem reading them in RSA3 Extractor checker on ERP side nor does it have problems reading Arabic characters on the BW side since it already has Employee names which are written in Arabic as well as Arabic department names.

Please advise on what to do and how to solve this problem

Thanks in Advance