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Sep 30, 2013 at 09:53 PM

Workitem Shortcut via Email fails to open due to missing router string



I was searching the internet since this morning, but did not find a similar problem being discussed anywhere in SCN..

To give you a background, I am working on a custom version of PO Release workflow, where one of the requirements is to send out email notifications (external emails) to PO approvers of different release levels, reminding them to approve a new PO, or when there is a change in any PO. This email has a shortcut attachment that opens the workitem that opens the relevant PO in ME29N in edit mode and goes directly to the 'Release Strategy' tab.

I'm using the Function module SWN_CREATE_SHORTCUT to create the shortcut, which returns an internal table, and then I embed this into the email content.. Currently I pass the parameters 'transaction code', 'system id', 'language', then a command parameter that executes the workitem, and it all works fine.

The problem arises when a user from another country opens this attachment.. Usually these users use a router string whenever they logon to SAP. All of them have this router string in their SAP logon pads.. So the current shortcut we have, does not work for them, obviously because we are not embedding the router string here..

My question is - How do I embed a router string to the shortcut, using the above function module? I do not find a detailed documentation to this FM anywhere.. Can this be done with this FM? Or is there a better API to do so? I have the router string they use, and I am ok with hardcoding this..

Please share your experience.

Thank you in advance,