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Former Member
Sep 30, 2013 at 04:19 PM

How to deploy JDBC/JMS Drivers in SAP PI 7.3 EHP1 AS Java


Dear All,

Even after extensive search, i couldn't find a way to deploy JDBC/JMS drivers in SAP PI 7.31 AS Java system.

I basically want to deploy oracle jdbc driver. The document says to include the ojdbc6.jar in and update provider.xml. And then use JSPM for deployment.

Now I found the file in SAPXI3RDPARTY01_0.SCA. I extracted include ojdbc6.jar and to update provider.xml. Now when I try to use JSPM, it clearly says that with this version of SAP PI i.e. 7.31 you can not use JSPM and instead you need to use SUM.

Can someone please tell how to user SUM for this update? Even asks to execute the old process.