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Sep 30, 2013 at 04:08 PM

BPM steps for multiple calls to a webservice



We have a scenario where an outbound proxy call is made to webservice. The webservice then returns data as part of the standard webservice response. Now based on the success/ failure string in the response message, we need to make a second webservice call which again is a synchronous call. My approach is to use the following steps:

Recieve (Aysnc) ->Transform -> Send (Synch) -> Send (Sync)- Send(Async)

Transform step is to validate success/failure, for now I would like to keep this optional. I want to make multiple calls first.

Final response is sent back to ECC via proxy (Although its still not decided yet). To accomplish the above steps, the problem that I see is with respect to the second sync webservice call.

I know a Sync-Async bridge scenario where we make the sync call, get the response and then pass that response to a target service.

In my case, my second webservice call has structure that is completely different from the first i.e., I am not taking the first response and then constructing a synchronous call. My first question is

1) Is this achievable with BPM. If yes, what would my steps in ESR and IB be ?

Note: The second proxy call will have data that is totally independent of the first call. The first call is just make sure user authentication goes through. Second call will contain the actual data. Any thoughts/ suggestions would be appreciated.