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Sep 30, 2013 at 04:17 PM

RSBBS : Bex Web 7.x not jumping to the https URL



I am a sap basis guy, but have been submitted a BW problem , with some RSBBS automaticallu generated URL

pointing to the HTTP URL of the BW server instead of its internet adress (HTTPS URL) :

We are running SAP BW 7.3 SPS5. We have defined jump functionality between several 7.x Bex Web

Applications using transaction RSBBS.

It works fine , the selection criteria are transferred between the sender/receiver Bex Web Applications.

The problem is that the receiver queries are supposed to be executed on the Internet.

The end users access the sender query through a portal Iview, that portal is running in HTTPS, and SSO has been defined with our BI JAVA Portal.

The BI JAVA Portal is obviously also running in HTTPS protocol.

The sender URL is :

But then when trying the jump, we are being redirected to


I have read some documentation on helpsap, and the usage of "Web Adress" , in the RSBBS transaction ,

but I am not sure I fully understand.

Thank you very much for any clarification