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Sep 30, 2013 at 02:49 PM

which standard output to use for invoice verification printing



I cannot find my answer in the forum, and, therefore, I am going to post this question.

In NACE for application MR (i.e. invoice verification), may I know which of the output shown on the table I should you as a copy version to printout an invoice verification?

Please note I just want to printout the invoice via MR90 to pass to my vendor to collect money, and hence, the output that deal with ERS, Consignment, and complaint are definitely OUT on my case. That left EINK, INS, MLPP, and RAP.., and am not sure which one to use.

There are a list of output objects:

EINKMail to PurchasingERSERS ProcedureERS6ERS Procedure EDIINSInvoice planKON6Consignment EDIKONSConsignmentMLPPMail Price DeviationRAPNew Value MethodRAP6New valuation EDIREKLComplaint