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Sep 30, 2013 at 09:34 AM

Single excise Invoice multiple GRN


Hello All,

I have gone through SDN but didnot find exact asnwer.


I have single excise Invoice from Vendor but he will send multiple delivery.

from process side there are no issue.


GRN1 10 qty

GRN2 10 qty

GRN3 19 qty

Vendor excise Invoice EX001 date 20.9.2013

now please tell me the how to do this.

Config: Excise group is set for multiple GR single credit

and material in J1iD is set for multiple GR single credit.

Please tell me the steps and do not paste link as i have already gone through . Note I cannot create excise invoice before or with GRN.

I will first post GRN and then I need to capture excise invoice . Problem is 1 excise 3 GRN and that too happend at 10 days gap.