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Sep 30, 2013 at 07:01 AM

indirect Trade Promotion scenario


Dear experts,

I am trying to implement indirect Trade Promotion scenario.

The business scenario is manufacturer (m) -> wholesaler (w) -> indirect account (a).

So what happens is that 'm' sells to 'w' and 'w' in turn sells to 'a'.

An indirect relationship is maintained so that 'w' is a wholesaler of 'a' in account master data.

The Trade Promotion is planned on indirect account and not on wholesaler.

The indirect indicator is also checked.

But conditions need to be generated for the wholesaler and not the indirect account (which is the planned account).

I also know that for this indirect scenario, only rebate conditions can be generated.

So I want to know how can this scenario of conditions being generated for wholesaler be configured (because for normal Trade Promotions, conditions are generated for the Planning account, which is not the case here).