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Sep 30, 2013 at 05:59 AM

STO with Markup need to load on Material


Hi Experts,

Client is having multiple plants with different legal Requirements.

Client using STO from one plant to another plant using the Markup

EX: XYZ is material code cost of XYZ in 1000 plant is 100 rs.the breakup is below.

Raw material: 50

Conversion cost : 30

OH: 20

I am transferring from 1000 plant to 1100 plant 100 cost + 10 as markup cost.

Requirement is: After Stock transfer in Plant 1100 has to shown cost breakup is like below ( Markup 10 need to inventorise in 1100 plant) Assume both plants having price control S and Using special procurement key is 40.

Client wants to see Cost breakup in 1100 like below( The same i need to show in copa also)

Raw material: 50

Conversion cost : 30

OH: 20

Markup : 10

Please let me know how to handle the above scenario.

By using Additive cost I can load in 1100 plant...But i am not sure whether is is right or not...Please suggest