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Sep 28, 2013 at 06:37 PM

SAPSRM_FEEDER_SC Add new search criteria Partner


Hi All,

I wanted to add a new search criteria in POWL Query :SAPSRM_FEEDER_SC

This search criteria is available on item field as a standard field "Supplier" (technical name BUT000-PARTNER)

I have referred following document'.

SAP standard structure/SAPSRM/S_SEARCHFIELDS via append structure option.

Then I have added this fields in view /SAPSRM/V_SRC_CR via SM30.

Than I have added the field in DB criteria and TREX criteria via SPRO and go to Adjust POWL Layout, Search Criteria, and Pushbuttons under Feeder type SAPSRM_FEEDER_SC.

Then I ran Report POWL_D01 and did a refresh.

The field now appears in search criteria, however when i run the POWL query i am getting an error:

Customer selection criterion SUPPLIER is unknown.

This error appears from MAP_SELCRITERIA_BO method of /SAPSRM/CL_SRC_SERVICE_BASE.

It checks structures





However this field does not exist in any of these structures since its not a Z field.

Now what do i do to avoid this error and then use this field value in my search result badi?