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Sep 28, 2013 at 02:17 PM

Try to PGI to return goods to vendor on QM-managed material



I have question which is an cross interfacing between QM and WM.

When a shipment reach our warehouse dock, warehouse guys perform the GR and the goods stay the GR-AREA (WM's interim storage type 902), and an inspection lot generated, and the goods become QM's QI stock type quantity

Next, a result recording and usage decision for the inspected goods was failed and, therefore, was rejected.

Our warehouse guy decided to return the QA-failed shipment back to the supplier.

These goods continue stay in the GR-Area with stock category of QI (i.e. QM's QI) after posting the usage decision by the warehouse guy in the SAP system.

Next, here come my question:

  1. Does the QM folk can initiate the vendor return from their QM module side? if possible, how to perform this in QM? I try to use the notification, however, the "return to vendor" link on the left panel not able to activate (i.e. when try click the icon but there is no response). Any clue?
  2. Given that I cannot perform the return to vendor via notification, I create a return PO (i.e. return flag checked). Next, an outbound delivery create, and a transfer order is created for this outbound delivery for picking. However, when trying to perform the PGI to return the goods to the vendor, I hits the following error message that goes "Change the inspection stock of material J-18338-67 in QM only". Apparently the message saying I cannot in and out of the QM-relevant stock material, and it has to perform via QM. How to resolve this?
  3. When a QM-managed material want to return back to vendor, can we perform the return from MM-IM level, instead of QM. If need QM, how to perform the vendor return in WM environment?