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Sep 27, 2013 at 07:32 PM

Putaway by multiple SID's



Business has requested the following functionality:

If the putaway HU at the receiving XXX have multiple SIDs, then we need the ability to handle that HU by multiple operators. In the current setup, if one operators scan any one of the SIDs that belong to that HU, then until the operator confirms the SID and release the HU, no other operator can handle that HU. This would reduce the perfomanace of the warehouse.

any information on this will be helpful.

for example this delivery, it has 3 items and each item has got its own stock Ids and they are tied to one handling unit and HU will be assigned to the resource by creating the distributive warehouse task. So We are looking for a solution like each stock ID has it own HU so that n operators can work on them.




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