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Sep 27, 2013 at 04:52 PM

how to create a Sales contract on IC


Hi Experts

I´m trying to create a sales contract con the Interaction Center (Im on CRM 7.0 ehp2) but there´s something strange, when I go to the sales cyle - Create Sales contract, I get a pop up saying there are no transactions avaliable

but if I go to Sales Cyle - Search Sales contract

And then Select New

I can Create a Sales Contract

anyone knows why is this? Im trying to create the sales contract from the first menu when I select create Sales contract, instead of going to Search - Create.

Anyone knows what it could be? how can it be done?


pastedImage_3.png (38.6 kB)
pastedImage_0.png (56.6 kB)
pastedImage_1.png (20.7 kB)
pastedImage_2.png (20.9 kB)