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Sep 27, 2013 at 02:09 PM

No destination found for gateway


Dear Colleagues,

asking for your help!

We have an external gateway which receives E1. It works pretty well. But we want to add more gateways which will use SIP trunk. For this we create gateways in BCM 7.0 ( All settings are done similar to the first one.

But when the call arrives from this new gateway it's rejected with reason 'NOROUTE'. It arrives to the existing number (I'm pretty sure about this; tested different existing numbers: direct extensions and queue numbers as well).

In the SIP bridge log (sipgw.txt) I can see the sequence:


100 Trying

404 Not found


In Call Dispatcher log (CallDispatcher.txt) there is an error message:

ERR> No destination for gateway source=B5699459-4DA6-4150-80ED-825FE4DCE960

where B5699459-4DA6-4150-80ED-825FE4DCE960 is SIP Bridge GUID.

I have no idea why the bridge failed to find a destination. Calls to the same numbers arrive pretty well from the first gateway (E1). And what is more weird: if we connect this gateway in SAP BCM 6 (as well as an addition to a primary one) it works perfectly well too (both direct extensions and queue numbers).

The logs are attached. 7029 is the direct number in BCM. And here our gateway settings

What may cause such behavior? Ran out of ideas...

Attachments (1.4 kB)