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Sep 27, 2013 at 11:14 AM

Content moved to Allegedly Infringing Content: Restricted?


Hello Friends,

I got one message in notification stating that one of my document is moved to Allegedly Infringing Content: Restricted. I dont know what to do about this message? will I be removed from SCN?

So far as i know i have made enough search before posting this article and and i have also mentioned the links of the contents from the web or SCN for the images and contents i have used from them but however i have not taken any license or written consent from them for using their article because I thought since I am using for an educational purpose it would not be required? I am ready to remove any content which infringe anybody's copyright if that solve the issue.

Sorry for any misbehaviour in the community!. i will ensure it will not happen again.

can anybody help me on how to proceed and whom to contact for this?