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Sep 27, 2013 at 01:37 AM

HCM : PNPCE LDB via SE36 > error



I want to view the contents of LDB PNPCE via SE36. I want to see if it will be able to show Future dated employees.

I receive this error "“Error HRBAS00_PNPCE003 Do not use the GET PERNR event”

I do not want to write any code!. I just want to view the contents but obviously the SAP standard tries to use obsolete event.

In Dev I can set a debug to get around this but in Test my authority is not enough.

So does somebody know how to get around this error?. (apart from debugging into program DBPNPCEFXXX set a breakpoint at line 102 and overwriting sy-subrc)

Repeating that I do not want to write any code.