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Sep 26, 2013 at 10:49 PM

Cannot access Parent object from instantiated UO...



First time on the SAP site looking for help, so gently correct me if posting in the wrong place... am trying to update a Progress Bar on parent window via custom user object instantiated in parent window but am getting "null object" message. Yet when I step through the code and put a watch on PARENT, everything shows up (including the progress bar) - I can even double click on individual progress bar properties and change their values, so they appear to be seen by the UO at that point. Very confusing. I've tried all sorts of work-arounds including an event in the parent that updates the progress bar and is called via a TriggerEvent in the UO. This wasn't working, but I ^$&%# changed some little thing (what???) and now it DOES work. Tried to recreate this success in production to no avail.


(PB12.5 and Oracle