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Sep 26, 2013 at 03:38 PM

Conditional Breaks


I need to create a condition break in my Adobe Form. The form displays material item data (description, UOM, country of origin, and so on)

I want to display 8 materials on each page. After the 8th material, a page break should take place.

I have tried numerous things but no success yet. The only thing that worked for page break is on SubForm ->After -> Go to Next Page. But this creates page break after every material. To do page break after 8th material, I need to do conditional break.

I tried TAB_MAIN.GS_I_GEN_ALL.DATA.GS_I_GEN.IFINO % 8 = 0 using FormCalc and JavaScript

Even a simple 1 = 2, Break After, To Top of Next Page hasnt worked for me. Any help is greatly appreciated. thank you.


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