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Sep 26, 2013 at 12:07 PM

Using application caching in portal on device


Hello Experts,

Has anyone implemented the application caching feature for enabling offline access to SAPUI5 applications inside portal on device? I have searched SDN but have not found any threads/documentation which explains how to achieve application caching in portal on device.

I am confused about this since using portal on device we access the applications by accessing the portal URL and logging into the portal. So even if we are able to make application caching work, will we be able to access the applications that we have exposed inside portal on device from offline mode?

Also, for enabling application caching we have to maintain a manifest file containing the resources that need to be cached in the client browser and we need to configure the AS Java to serve the correct MIME type for the cache manifest, which is text/cache-manifest.

Can anyone point out how exactly to configure the WebAS Java and where does the manifest file need to reside on the server?