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PS Standard Reports on Object Currency when CO Area Curr is different

Hi PS Experts,

Mainly all the PS Standard reports run on CO Area currency. My issue is that we plan in ZAR and our CO Area Currency is USD, but here the users are not concerned about USD, only about ZAR. So through Planning Layouts setup we achieve planning in ZAR in CJR2, but when reporting on those projects, it shows USD whatever you do. I´ve tried changing user settings through RPPO, but the reports take no notice of the change done in that setting. I know about the Currency Translator option in the reports, but that´s just too bad when you know you have your exact value in ZAR in your standard tables for Object Currency. I just need the reports to look to Object Currency field in tables instead of CO Area Currency. I know through report painter I could create a copy of the reports and define Object Currency for them but then I need to create new transactions, roles implications, plus a real burocracy hurdle in this project for a change of this kind.

There surely must be a more straight forward manner to make those standard reports look into Object Currency. Sample of these reports is S_ALR_87013532, but it is the same for all of them. Surprisingly in IM, there is no issue at all, by only selecting ZAR currency in the selection parameters, you get the reports show the planned values in ZAR just as you planned them.

Please give me some light here.

Thanks a lot.


George O.

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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Sep 27, 2013 at 09:20 AM

    If changing the report forms of S_ALR.... reports is an issue then you can ask the users to use currency translation option (Settings > Currency) and selecting the requisite currency with translation key.

    We had the same requirement and we changed all the report forms as required to object currency.



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    • Hi Saurabh,

      The Currency Translation I already detailed it in my post as a possibility but not a good one. If you post in ZAR, get converted to USD and want to show ZAR in a report, it is awful to have make it ZAR from a conversion from USD when you already have it stored in your planning tables in the exact amount of ZAR you planned for. It would never lead to the same value cause you are planning in different dates during your project and using one unique currency translator value for your whole report and project.

      So if anyone knows a different technique than copying the report and changing to object currency, we will have to go that route.

      I am still amazed SAP doesn´t have a simple menu option to make the reports read the object currency (vs CO Area currency) instead of having to copy reports, give them new transaction names, transport them, realigning authorizations... What a hassle...


      George O