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Former Member
Sep 29, 2005 at 04:02 PM

L_To_Cancel impact on LT15?


Hi everybody,

I encountered a problem during the cancellation of a Transfer Order (TO).

When I create an order and I cancel it using LT15, everything works out ok. The quantities are returned and I can see cancellation information when I look at the TO with LT21, for each position.

I discovered fm l_to_cancel and I like to use this to cancel a generated TO when it has to be cancelled. I tested this fm and it cancels the TO <u>but</u>, the TO position information of the cancelled TO positions,is no longer there (no entries in the ltap either). Ok, this could happen, back to LT15......

.... and now the problem starts. Everytime I run LT15 in the old fashioned way as described in the first part, the cancelled TO position data is also lost!!! Even after loggin in again.

It looks like the execution of the fm has a permanant influence on the LT15 functionality.

Anyone familiar with this problem (and how to solve it? 😊 )

Cheers and thanks!