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Former Member
Sep 26, 2013 at 10:23 AM

Retrofit: how to transport changes from implementation to maintenance landscape


Hi all,

I have a problem with retrofit and transportation of changes configuration.

I'm managing the following scenario:


EC1:100 [DEV2] --> EC1:200 [TST2] --> EC2:300 [PROD]


EC2:100 [DEV1] --> EC2:200 [TST1] --> EC2:300 [PROD] with a link from EC2:100 to EC1:100 for RETROFIT

I manage to transport changes from MAINT to IMPL thanks to retrofit and from both to production system (EC2:300), and everything is ok with Cross Systems Object Locking (CSOL) too.

The problem is when I try to transport changes from IMPL to MAINT.

I'd like to transport changes from IMPL not directly in PROD, but in DEV1 (EC2:100) first.

To do this, I tried to create a Transport Route from EC1:200 to EC2:100 (instead of EC1:200 --> EC2:300), but doing this CSOL doesn't work anymore.

Do you have some tips to help me solve this issue?

Thank you in advance