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Sep 26, 2013 at 05:42 AM

Text variable in Column heading not displaying correct value


Hi All,

I am developing AR aging report. I need coulms as time bucket restrictions. So I have created formula for each column using formula variables. Each column has heading, displaying the time bucket range(e.g. 0-30, 31-60 and so on). For column heading I have created and used Text variable wich are of type Customer Exit and takes value from formula variables being used in that column. These formula variables are being used as selection variable i.e. User has to give input in the selection screen for all time buckets and these formula variables have their won default values.

Now when I run the report, for default time bucket ranges and selected values for other variable, output is fine. Whenever I change the time bucket or any other selection, column headings are displaying as "Formula 1"," Formula 2" like wise.

Sceen shot-1 depicts the output for first run and Sceen shot-2 depicts output for furthur runs. This out put is so inpredictable that once output is coming perfectly fine and the next time it is not.

When i see the values for all variables( Text variable as well as Formula variable), all are coming perfect as desired in 'info' Tab of query.

Note: SAP Netweaver version: 7.3

SAP Bex query version : 7.X(Based on 7.3)

Kindly suggest.

Thanks in Advance.



AR aging 1.jpg (50.4 kB)
AR aging 2.jpg (51.2 kB)