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Sep 26, 2013 at 01:22 AM

Best Approaches for integrating BW on HANA with HANA 'Sidecar'


We have been running an SLT-supported 'Sidecar' HANA instance for Realtime Analytics against ECC tables. We are now planning to also migrate our BW system to HANA, and are evaluating options for supporting both realtime and traditional BW analytics long-term in a most cost effective manner. Our options are:

  • Migrate BW 'as is' from current RDBMS to HANA, and run the Sidecar independently.
  • Stand up a second schema on the existing HANA appliance to support BW on HANA migration, allowing a unified analytics solution on a single HANA engine.
  • Some variation of the above where we migrate BW on HANA first, and then migrate the 'Sidecar' into it.

Clearly there are many stipulations to these approaches (from both an implementation and operational standpoint) and we have a number of pros and cons documented, but are trying to reach out for input & suggestions from others' experiences? Any 'gotchas' with either approach?

Mike Harding, EMC IT