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Sep 25, 2013 at 08:45 PM

FS-CD to CO-PA Interface



I need to use transaction FPG3 to move summary postings from FS-CD to CO-PA. I have made the necessary configuration changes in the following activities:

Transaction CD > Basic Functions > Activation of Basic Functions - checked the "COPA Active" checkbox

Transaction CD > Integration > Controlling > Maintain Characteristics Assignment for Profitability Analysis - here we have mapped the fields used to derive profitability segment from the payment plan interface to the COPA structure

Strangely, when posting a payment plan item, the profitability segment (PAOBJNR) is derived correctly and stored in VVSCPOS. However, when the document is posted, the PAOBJNR field in DFKKSUM and DFKKOPK is blank. I assume I am missing some configuration here.

If I manually create a document in FPE1 and manually enter a profitability segment, then close the reconciliation key and execute FPG3, the transfer begins but terminates with message "Differences found for reconciliation key...".

Any ideas or cookbooks out there for this integration? Please don't waste my time by copying and pasting a link to the FS-CD help guide, as there is nothing there to shed light on this issue.