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Sep 25, 2013 at 06:03 PM

Plants abroad. Does there needs to exist different plants?


Hi Gurs,

In customizing there exists the plants abroad functionality.

We are a company code and plant in Germany. We have some guys sitting in czech republic, which do some procurement and buying in czech republic.

The stock will be parked in czech and then put into the final product. The final product will be send from Germany to czech. Then the final product

will be send from czech to endcustomer(in the name of the german company). Endcustomers thinks it comes from Germany.

Because we are doing procurement in czech we need to use the local tax and other declarations to authorities.

We want to use the plants abroad functionality. But we do not want to create czech as plant in SAP.

(Because if we are creating czech as plant in SAP then we have do create all the master data in czech plant as well.)

Is Plants abroad functionality working with having only one plant? Or does there needs to be more than one plant?