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Sep 25, 2013 at 08:55 AM

solman_setup giving problems on web interface


Hi to all of you folks,

I'm here boring you again, because I've encountered a problem that I'm not been able to solve yet.

1. Solution Manager 7.1
SAP_ABA 702 pl 009
SAP_BASIS 702 pl 009
ST 710 pl 004
ST-ICO 150_700 pl 21

ST_PI 2008_1_700 pl 005
Kernel 720_EXT_REL Unicode
Internet Explorer 6 (on a remote machine)
Internet Explorer 8 (on host SAP machine)

2. i've started TA solman_setup for the first time with user sap*; some problems encountered even there, but solved as showed in the post

So, i was able to create the user SOLMAN_ADMIN as suggested on the basic settings procedures.

3. I logged off user SAP* and logged in user SOLMAN_ADMIN with which I started TA solman_setup once again.
Browser IE started correctly and showed the initial page, but as i try to create the other users suggested, any link page action fails.

I've also changed browser (Firefox 23.0.1) copying the url and logging as SOLMAN_ADMIN again, with the same results.

The firefox status bar says javascript:void(0); but internet explorer 8 just noticed me with a simply "ADDON FAILDE TO RUN". So i managed the installed addons but... no way! It seems is not an addon fault.
I've also enabled scripting, and generally lowered browser's security level.

4. Tried activating new services from SICF, but as I didn''t know which one could be responsible, i used an unsuccessfully empirical method.
Anyway, the services ever activeated are the following:

default host\sap\public\bc\icons
default host\sap\public\bc\icons_rtl
default host\sap\public\bc\its
default host\sap\public\bc\pictograms
default host\sap\public\bc\ur
default host\sap\public\bc\webdinpro
default host\sap\public\bc\webicons

Attached, you'll find a browser page screenshot during the fault.
No messages on windows event viewer, no messages in SM21.
Do i have to implement those steps manually?

Any help will be appreciated.
Kind Regards

Massimo Solleretto