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Tables that can get updated in ERP after the completion of BOP run in APO system

Hi Team,

           For the BOP run, I am using the execution mode as "Update to R3". Now , after the BOP run, the results of BOP can be viewed in /SAPAPO/BOP_RESULTS in the APO system and the status becomes "X" once the results have been updated completely to ERP. Using the transaction CO09, I can now check the availability situation in ERP. Are there any tables that get updated in ERP when the results are updated from APO to ERP? Please do let me know if there are any tables in APO also that get updated during this process.

Thanks in advance for the help and for your time.

Thanks & Regards,


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2 Answers

  • Sep 27, 2013 at 05:49 AM

    Hello Srikanth,

    When the BOP is finished, the CIF queue gets generated to update the data in ECC. So, all the transactional data relevant to the sales document gets updated like VBAP (Item Lines), VBEP (Schedule lines), etc.,

    Once the document in ECC gets updated, it triggers an acknowledgement queue back to APO to make the BOP run as finished status which is "X". During this process, the update information that was rescheduled by BOP, which in turn was updated in ECC would be committed to database by deleting the Temporary Quantity Assignments ( TQAs ) in APO. During this process, you can see that in APO, the livecache gets updated as well as DB tables like /SAPAPO/ATPPARAM, /SAPAPO/SCHEDLIN, /SAPAPO/ORDADM_I etc., gets updated. Also, the status table /SAPAPO/BOP_HEAD gets updated to change the BOP status as "U" to "X".,

    Hope this helps.

    Babu Kilari

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      Expert Babu already gave you the names of selected tables that get updated in ECC as a result of BOP (VBAP; VBEP, etc).  There are a lot more as well.  If all your client wants is evidence that BOP results were transferred to ECC, he can look here.  In addition, any changes made to the ECC document are posted with the name of the RFC Userid, so you could also show them change history on the ECC side.   

      Best Regards,


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    Sep 27, 2013 at 06:56 AM

    Hi Srikanth,
    I have never worked in APO but may be this tables are there in ERP which gets updated by APO interfaces in one or many ways:

    /ISDFPS/CIF_IMOD               Basis Table of Integration Model for APO I

    /LIME/LOC_I005                 LIME - Location Key APO Location (F&R)

    /LIME/LOC_S005                 Shadow Table for LIME - APO Location (F&R)

    /LIME/STOCK_I005               LIME - Stock Key APO Material (F&R)

    /LIME/STOCK_S005               Shadow Table for LIME - APO Material (F&R)

    /SAPAPO/DP440G                 Master Forecast Profile (APO0300)

    /SAPAPO/DP440P                 Univariate Forecast Profile (APO0326)

    /SAPAPO/PRF_EXT                Profile Extension for Base Profile /SAPAPO

    /SAPAPO/VWALPROF               Generated Table for View /SAPAPO/VWALPROF

    BCST_NOTE                      Mapping: Send Order GUID -> SAPOffice Doc.

    CIF_IMOD                       Basis Table of Integration Model for APO I

    CIF_IMRESA                     IMod Reference Table for Resources (APO Ty

    CIF_MTCFGS                     Default Values for Configuration Relevance

    CIFCPINFO                      Control Table for APO-CIF CP Change Transf

    CIFOBJINFC                     Control Table for APO-CIF Filter Objects,

    CIFOBJINFO                     Control Table for APO-CIF Filter Objects,

    CIFOBJINFT                     Texts for APO-CIF Filter Objects

    CIFORDMAP                      Mapping Table Order No. <-> APO-GUID (Plan

    CIFPOMAP                       Mapping Table NR/POS/ET <-> APO GUID (Purc

    CIFRVMAP                       Mapping Table NR/POS/ET <-> APO GUID (Sale

    CIFSLSMAP                      Mapping Table NR/POS/ET <-> APO GUID (Sale

    CIFVENTYPE                     Assignment of Vendor Account Group to APO

    CUST_SDPAPO                    Customizing: Distinction SDP-APO <-> Stand

    CUST_SDPAPO_V                  Generated Table for View CUST_SDPAPO_V

    JDVPVAPOSTDATA                 Generated Table for View JDVPVAPOSTDATA

    JHVAPO1                        Generated Table for View JHVAPO1

    JHVOD_JHAPO                    Generated Table for View JHVOD_JHAPO

    MAPOV                          Generated Table for View MAPOV

    OIJ_APOFCST_M_R                APO DP Forecast maintenance BADI routine

    OIJ_APOFCST_M_RT               APO DP Forecast maintenance BADI routine

    OIJDPFCSTS                     OIL-TSW: TSW APO DP Forecast settings

    PPC_ORD_INF                    Information on APO Order

    RSAPO_CONDITIONS               Requirements for APO interface

    RSDMHIETAB                     Obsolete from APOLLO -> RSDMHIERTABNEW

    RSDMHINTAB                     Obsolete from APOLLO -> RSDMHINTABNEW

    RSDMHSITAB                     Obsolete from APOLLO ->RSDMHSITABNEW

    RSSCM_BWAPO_V                  Generated Table for View RSSCM_BWAPO_V

    S180                           APO: Long-Term Planning

    T5APBS_F_APORG                 Entity Table for Return Values for Feature

    T5APBS_F_APORGT                Text Table for Return Values for Feature A

    T7PIQPROC_CLASS                Activity Documents: Activities - ABAPOO Cl

    TCUWS_APO                      Batch Management Proportion/Product Units

    TCUWS_MAT_APO                  Materials Batch-Specific Unit of Measure P

    TOIJ_IFAPO_PEG                 APO SNP TSW Order transfer - Define auto p

    V_APOL                         Generated Table for View V_APOL

    V_T5APBS_F_APORG               Generated Table for View V_T5APBS_F_APORG

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