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BACK RFC to Solution Manager not available in Task Creation Request Session Data in Satellite SDCCN

Hi SOLMAN Experts,

I am trying to configure EWA Report for a back-end system on Solution Manager 7.1

I have nearly completed all the requirements and I am almost done with the setup but I think I am stuck hard now and would appreciate the required kickoff.

I have completed the following tasks in order:

1) Latest ST-PI, ST-A/PI are patched on Managed System

2) Hourly Collector Jobs are running on Managed System along with the SAPOSCOL/HostAgent

3) RTCCTOOL requirements have been implemented successfully and everything is Green

4) Managed System is added to the Solution Manager's SMSY via LMDB via2 SLD

5) SDCCN is activated on the Managed System

6) BACK RFC (To SOLMAN) is present in Managed System's SDCCN and works Fine. SOLMAN is set as Master System

7) On SOLMAN, Managed System is added in the SOLMAN's SDCCN and SOLMAN is also set as the Master System

8) On Managed System SDCCN, Task 'Refresh Service Defintions' has been run once successfully with RFC as BACK (To SOLMAN)

Now the subsequent steps as per what I understand are:

1) Create a 'Request Session Data' Task in SDCCN of the Managed System for Periodic EarlyWatch Alert which will collect the Data and send it to Solution Manager

2) Final and Last step, in SOLMAN Activate the EWA for Managed System under SMWorkCenter--> Sys Mon--> Setup --> EWA Config --> Config for Single Solution (Single Solution containing that Manged System has been defined)


Now, regarding point 1, when creating Task 'Request Session Data' for Periodic EarlyWatch Alert, in the SAP RFC Destination field I should select the BACK RFC (To the Solution Manger) so that the Data can be sent to SOLMAN. But I can't see any other RFC available other than RFC NONE as shown below

So what did I miss here?

I have checked the RFC Destinations, the respective BACK RFC i.e. SM_<SIDCLNT>_BACK is present in the Managed System and works fine.

I also checked the RFC Destinations entry in the SDCCN (SDCCN > Goto > Settings > Task-Specific > RFC Destination > Settings ) of both the Managed System and Solution Manager System. The master system flags are also in place. Below are the SDCCN RFC Settings:

LES is Managed System; LSM is Solution Manager

In Managed System (RFC to Solution Manager is defined as required with SOLMAN set to Master System)=>

In Solution Manager System (RFC to SAP [SDCC_OSS] Defined and no Master flag as this is the Solution Manger system)

Please let me know, what did I miss and how to get through this?

I didn't find any standard guide or procedure to set up EWA in Solman 7.1, yes there were best practices guides but that was of SOLMAN 7.0/7.01 and couple of things have changed now in 7.1 so I have just followed everyone's experience and posts on SCN to get EWA working. Hope the steps I have carried out are correct ones and are in correct sequence.

Please let me know.

Best Regards,


SCN.JPG (42.2 kB)
SCN.JPG (26.6 kB)
SCN.JPG (36.1 kB)
SCN.JPG (38.4 kB)
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5 Answers

  • Best Answer
    Sep 24, 2013 at 05:21 PM

    Hello Akshay,

    If you setup the RFC "_BACK" on managed system that point to your solution manager and that RFC work, afer "sdccn resresh session task" you have to be able to see the ewa session, if after that you can't see the ewa sessión there will be different causes:

    ( that are some that i found myself )

    1.- The system ID is different that you have on solution manager -> logical component

    ( i get that when customer make a change of the virtual host and install a new system on same vm )

    2.- The installation of managed system is not the same that you have on your solution manager -> logical component -> system,

    ( that happen after a customer name change )

    3.- the managed system don't have update the license key

    Hope one of that can help your problem,



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    Former Member
    Sep 24, 2013 at 11:53 AM



    After create the back RFC in the managed system, in SMSY -> Environment -> solution maanager operation -> Adminstration SDCCN -> active the managed system( it will set the back rfc in managed system for Session Data')


    Goto managed system SDCCN -> Goto ->settinds-> task specific ->Rfc destination -> click the setting box -> edit the Rfc destination -> add the back rcf in the screen and continue the configuartion

    Note 763561 - Service Data Control
    Center (SDCCN) - FAQ

    remaining step same in 7.01 EHP version -



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    • Hi Karthik,

      Thanks, I was able to schedule an EWA session successfully now.

      You are absolutely right, on Satellite System SDCCN, only task required is Maintenance Package Task which will take care of everything.

      Earlier we dis-agreed big time on "Request Session Data' due to the fact that I was following couple of below contents on SCN, where it wasn't mentioned as correctly as it should be, and it insisted on what i was doing incorrectly.



      Well anyways, I guess not every information is correct or generic. So I have finally done the adjustment as per my reply to Suhel Khan

      The EWA is scheduled to run for tomorrow, I hope it processes it finally.

      Appreciate your help through out.

      Will again update once it completed.



  • Sep 24, 2013 at 05:00 PM

    Hi Akshay,

    For scheduling Early Watch Alert you have to choose "Maintenance Package" Under Task-->Create.



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  • Sep 24, 2013 at 03:36 PM

    hi Akshay,

    I see the SDCC_OSS RFC only in solution manager system and not in managed system. Create the SDCC_OSS RFC destination in SDCCN > Goto > Settings > Task-Specific > RFC Destination > Settings in the managed system and also add the BACK  RFC again there. Now the BACK RFC should appear while creating tasks.



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    • Hi Karthikeyan,

      Thanks for the response.

      I ensured to created SDCC_OSS in Managed System SDCCN and removed destination SM_LSMCLNT700_BACK and again added it back and set it to be the master system.

      Now as per the pop-up also, which I get after saving the Destinations, it says "This Destination will be available only for New Tasks" I should be able to select the SM_LSMCLNT700_BACK RFC for creating a new task, but still not possible.

      Rather now I get NONE and SDCC_OSS but still no back RFC to Solution Manager.

      RFC Destinations in Managed System SDCCN=>

      I have also run 'Refresh Service Definitions' task once after saving above Destinations.

      Then, while Creating new Task 'Request Session Data [REQUEST_DATA]' =>

      Available RFC's in the above Selection =>

      Another thing is that however the RFC SDCC_OSS is available now, it will send the data to SAP, but I want to send it to Solution Manager, so the RFC Destination has to be BACK RFC to Solution Manager, right?

      Let me know what you think?


      SCN.JPG (42.4 kB)
      SCN.JPG (38.4 kB)
      SCN.JPG (29.8 kB)
  • Sep 27, 2013 at 08:16 AM

    Hi All,

    Thanks a lot for your continuous support

    I was finally able to successfully schedule an EWA session and generate the report.

    After following above steps, when I was expecting the EWA to be ready, one final last piece was missing. Today at first when I checked, the EWA session was there with a red flag i.e. The data for this session is overdue which implied No data has yet been passed from the managed system to the Solution Manager.

    I went back to check the SDCCN task logs in Manged System, it seemed to be have runned without any errors.

    One final thing which I did, I created a new Task 'Refresh Sessions' which read to the Solution Manager and found a EWA session scheduled/missed and thereafter it created a new task in Managed System's SDCCN namely "SAP EarlyWatch Alert - Request Session Data". This task finally collected all the data and sent it solution manager.

    Once this above spawned task "SAP EarlyWatch Alert - Request Session Data" was completed, I went back to Solution Manager to check the status of EWA Reports.

    Voila! The data was available signified by icon of Two Bottles.

    So finally, once SM:EXEC SERVICES job runs, this shall be over for now and all.

    So anyways I went ahead and manually started the processing without waiting any further.

    Once the job got finished the EWA reports were ready, with a rating Yellow (what a shame! 🤪)

    Thanks all, for pitching in as this made me realize for myself how it works rather than reading and trying to understand everyone's say.



    SCN.JPG (81.3 kB)
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    • Former Member

      Dear Akshay,

      Can you please send me the full document (screenshots is/are pressure-point) that depicts how you went ahead with ewa configuration.

      Thanks already. 😊 (that's how I intimidate)