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Sep 29, 2005 at 08:32 AM

Calling another ITS service from existing ITS service


Hi to Everyone,

I would like your advice on calling another ITS service from existing ITS service.

From my current ITS service eg. "Z_TESTA", i wish to call another ITS service "Z_TESTB". The problem is that it always prompt for userid and password when i called the 2nd ITS service. However, user already enter the password & id when they login to the 1st ITS service. Is there a way to call this new ITS service w/o the userid & password prompt again?

Below is the codes that we used to call the new ITS service:

(a) "http://.../scripts/wgate/webgui/!?~transaction=z_testb"


(b) "http://.../scripts/wgate/z_testb/!"

We used both method (a) and (b) but same outcome. Thank you in advance!