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Sep 23, 2013 at 09:59 PM

Technical Monitoring extractors not working after ST-PI SPS8 Update


Hi guys, after updating ST-PI SPS 8 for a Solution Manager 7.1 SPS8, some DB extractors stopped working and supplying information from the database

It says last measured value is from Sept 13th at the same time ST-PI was updated. I tried checking Extractors logs, for further information.

Its says Data connector no authorizations, but not sure if this is related to ST-PI update.

Any hint on what changed, bear in mind, with ST-PI SPS 7 was working fine.

I tried re executing managed system configuration, also reexecuted DPC Pull Jobs from Solution Manager Basic Configuration, but no luck



pastedImage_2.png (87.1 kB)
pastedImage_3.png (52.4 kB)