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Sep 23, 2013 at 08:56 PM

Order of pages in a DUMP DATABASE



I know if I perform a DUMP DATABASE in an actively modified database, the pages might be written out in an essentially random order, because ASE will use an algorithm that gives priority to a page that a user is wanting to modify just then. Or something.

But what if the database is idle throughout the whole DUMP operation? Will ASE tend to write the pages out in a fixed order, like in sequential order by page number?

I ask because I'm wondering if it's technically feasible to reduce the file transfer size for a full dump, through use of a diff-type algorithm such as rsync. It seems like if the content of one full dump is wildly different from the content of the next one, due to ASE shuffling the order of the pages each time, then such a diff algorithm could not possibly work. The entire dump file would have to be transferred off each time. But what if one dump file was only slightly different from the last one? Would rsync be able to take advantage of that? And I realize that this could possibly make sense only with UNcompressed dumps.


- John.