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Sep 23, 2013 at 06:05 PM

Sap Screen Personas scripting question


Hi SAP Guru´s

I´m new to SAP Screen Personas and I wanted to know some things about it.

I´m not really familiarized with the scripting options of Sap Screen Personas even after seeing videos and reading stuff about the subject.

I want to complete some fields automatically in va01 at item level but when I do this, I´ am only able to do it when the soldtoparty company and the material are the same . The same happens when I want to create a material in mm01 (also, when I´m editing the mm01 I can´t swith to another tab even when I have marked that tab as cachable). My specific question would be: Is there a way of leaving fields automatically fulfilled but not for only a single sold to party and material (va01) or material number (mm01)?

Look forward to hearing from you.